Topic Name : Quiz 8

 1. In which Bangladesh province are most of the mouths of the Ganga?





 2. Which is the largest province in Pakistan?





 3. What do Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, and Polonnaruwa have in common?

 All are major cities in Sri Lanka

 All are Sri Lankan holiday resorts

 All are forest-girt towns in Sri Lanka

 All are ancient capitals of Sri Lanka

 4. Which place dating to an ancient civilization is near Sahiwal, Pakistan?





 5. Which is the capital of Sri Lanka's eastern province?





 6. What do initials NWFP stand for?

 North-West Federal Province

 New Western Federal Province

 North-West Frontier Province

 North-West Fiscal Province

 7. Which is the capital of Afghanistan?





 8. Which mountain range is to be found in the south-western part of Nepal?


 Kumaon Hills



 9. In which Pakistan city is the sports goods industry a major one?





 10. Which is the centre of the mineral product industry in Myanmar?





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