Mention below is privacy Policy of Sumit Nabham Technology. Whoever downloads this game on his mobile phone has to adhere to our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Rules as mentioned are
Sumit Nabham has all the copyrights of game. At any point of time, you can’t sell; distribute game as third party vendor.
Sumit Nabham Technology owns all rights of this game. If you ever need help, such as installing game, playing or any other suggestion that you want to give, please contact us, we would love to help you.
Disclaimer of Warranty
The game developers have assured that there is no error or malware installed in the game. It is properly tested before being put online.
At any point of time, you cannot hold company responsible for any bug or error in the game. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you have no right to take any legal action on our team or its founders.
The game is thoroughly tested on different machines. Its founders have ensured that there is no problem in the game.
However, if you face any problem while downloading, installing or playing the game; its tech team will assists you in all manners to ensure that game runs smoothly on your computer.
Liability Limitation
At any point, you can’t hold us responsible for any fraudulent transaction. The site has secure payment gateway and all your card information is kept highly confidential. If your card information is leaked; you cannot held us responsible in such case.
Export Restrictions
By accepting our terms and conditions, you accept that you won’t export, share or transfer game code to any third party for professional purposes. The game is solely used for recreational activities, nothing else.