Topic Name : Quiz 6

 1. Which river does the Ganga join in Bangladesh and flow out to the sea as?





 2. With which country does Nepal share its northern border?





 3. What is the name of the "pass" that links the northern peninsula with the rest of Sri Lanka?

 Point Pedro Causeway

 Elephant Pass

 Mullaitivu Causeway

 Mannar Bridge

 4. Where exactly is the Hindu Kush?

 In western Afghanistan

 In northern Pakistan

 On either side of the Khyber Pass

 Just north of Kabul

 5. On what island is Male's airport?





 6. What is the name of the major reservoir developed by impounding the water of the Gal Oya in eastern Sri Lanka?

 Bandaranaike Sea

 Senanayake Samudra


 Sirima Wewa

 7. Which is the northernmost of the five major tributaries of the Indus?





 8. What is the name of the southernmost mountain range in Pakistan?





 9. What is the westernmost coastal region of Myanmar called?



 Chittagong Hill Tracts

 Chin Hills

 10. To which famous landmark is Peshawar the nearest provincial capital?





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