Topic Name : Quiz 5

 1. Where is the Ganga called the Padma?

 In Bangladesh

 In Nepal

 In Bhutan

 In Myanmar

 2. Where is Lashio and why is it significant?

 An oil town in Myanmar

 A ruby mining centre in Myanmar

 A rail terminus in Myanmar from which a World War II highway leads to China

 A major port on the Irrawaddy

 3. Which major provincial capital in western Pakistan is entered through the Bolan Pass?





 4. Which major port of Myanmar is on the Bay of Bengal?





 5. What is Namche Bazar famous for?

 The view of the Himalyas

 A Gurkha recruiting station

 Starting point for those climbing Everest

 The biggest suburb of Kathmandu

 6. What is the major export of the Maldives?





 7. Which Indian state/states separate Nepal and Bhutan?

 Bihar and Sikkim

 Bihar and West Bengal

 West Bengal and Meghalaya

 Sikkim and West Bengal

 8. What does the Brahmaputra flow into Bangladesh as?





 9. Which major town in Sind has the same name as a major city in the Deccan, India?





 10. The Maldives consists of a chain of about 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks. How many islands in the Maldives are officially stated to be inhabited?





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