Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. What is Piduratalagala's special feature?

 It is a sacred peak in Sri Lanka

 It is the highest peak in Sri Lanka

 It is a mining town in Sri Lanka

 It is a wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka

 2. Which country's major export is Karakul skins?





 3. What is significant about Landi Kotal?

 It is the Pakistan railway terminus before the Khyber Pass

 It is a big fort in Pakistan

 It is a new industrial city in Pakistan

 It is a town of archaeological significance in Pakistan

 4. Which is the capital of Bhutan?





 5. On which river is the Tarbela Dam?





 6. What is the southernmost group of islands in the Maldives?




 Addu Atoll/Sennu

 7. Which is the hill station of Pakistan's capital?





 8. Where is Lumbini and what is it famous for?

 In Bhutan, where there is a famous Bo tree

 In Myanmar, where rubies are mined

 In Bangladesh, where the Ganga and the Brahmaputra join

 In Nepal, where Lord Buddha was born

 9. In which country in this region would you find island groups called atolls?

 The Maldives




 10. For what timber is Myanmar famous?





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