Topic Name : Quiz 9

 1. Which is the capital of North Korea?





 2. What is China's westernmost province or autonomous region?


 Tibet Autonomous Region



 3. Of which territory is Kowloon the land portion?

 Paracel Islands

 Hong Kong


 Shantung Peninsula

 4. Where would you find the Roof of the World?





 5. Istanbul is better known than its capital. What is the country and its capital?

 Lebanon, Beirut

 Syria, Damascus

 Turkey, Ankara

 Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

 6. On which island is Nagasaki?





 7. With which countries does Iraq have a common border on its south?

 Jordan and Saudi Arabia

 Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

 Kuwait and Iran

 Syria and Jordan

8. Which major island, the subject of dispute between Russia and Japan, lies in the Sea of Okhotsk?





 9. Which inland sea is in the Asian landmass of Russia?

 Aral Sea

 Caspian Sea

 Dead Sea

 Balkhash Sea

 10. Of which island chain is Okinawa a part?

 Kuril Islands

 Sakhalin Islands

 Ryukyu Islands

 Bonin Islands

 11. What do these three territories have in common: Umm al Qawain, Ras al Khaimah, and Fujairah?

 Islands in the Gulf

 Towns in Saudi Arabia

 All British protectorates in West Asia

 Three of the United Arab Emirates

 12. Which is the northernmost of the major Indonesian islands?





 13. What is the name of the Portuguese colony in China?

 Hong Kong




 14. On what island is the capital of the Phillippines?





 15. What is the familiar name of China's longest river?

 Red River


 Yellow River

 Amur River

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