Topic Name : Quiz 6

 1. To which Iranian city does the railway from Pakistan extend?





 2. What is the name of the sea that separates European and Asian Turkey?

 Black Sea

 Mediterranean Sea

 Dead Sea

 Sea of Marmara

 3. What is Saigon now known as?

 Ho Chi Minh City


 Da Nang

 Ah Nhon

 4. In which country is Taskhent?





5. Which part of Egypt is in Asia?


 Sinai Peninsula


 The Bitter Lakes

 6. Of which country is Beirut the capital?





 7. Which countries once formed the territory called the French Indo-China?

 Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam

 The two Koreas

 Thailand and Cambodia

 Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos

 8. What are the two straits that ships bound for the Black Sea from the Meditteranean have to pass through?

 Marmara and Aegean

 Istanbul and Aegean

 Istanbul and Rhodes

 The Dardenelles and the Bosophorus

 9. What do the Ural mountains separate?

 European and Asian Russia

 The Pripet Marshes and the Steppes

 Ukraine and Russia

 Kazakhstan and Russia

 10. What is significant about Vladivostock?

 Siberia's biggest city

 A major fishing centre

 Russia's major eastern port

 The only port in Siberia

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