Topic Name : Quiz 5

 1. Most of the Russian part in Asia comprises what well-known geographic area?






 2. What capital city would you find in the delta of the Red River?





 3. Where is the Dead Sea?





 4. Of which country is Sarawak a part?




 The Phillippines

 5. What is Mesopotamia now called?


 Saudi Arabia



 6. What was the old capital of the Phillippines?




 Quezon City

 7. The Euphrates is one of Iraq's major rivers. What is the other?





 8. Of which country is Irian Jaya a part?

 The Phillippines




 9. Which Chinese province has some of the largest reserves of coal and iron ore in the world?





 10. What does the Makassar Strait separate?

 Kalimantan and Sulawesi

 Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak

 Sumatra and Kalimantan

 Greater Sundas and Lesser Sundas

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