Topic Name : Quiz 4

 1. Which is the city with the largest population in China?





 2. What do many people living in our part of the world incorrectly call the Middle East?

 The Arabian Peninsula

 The Gulf countries

 The Anatolian region

 West Asia

 3. Which country considers the Yalu as its most navigable river?

 North Korea



 South Korea

 4. What is the capital of Cambodia?


 Phnom Penh



 5. What is the chief agricultural activity of Mongolia?





 6. In which country is the Negev Desert?



 Saudi Arabia


 7. With the export of which cash crop was the Yemen port of Mokha long associated?





 8. The UAE separates two parts of a country. Which country?

 Saudi Arabia




 9. Which "Gulf Country" is an island?





 10. Which Mediterranean island is considered an independent Asian country?





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