Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. This Gulf nation is a peninsula. What is its name?





 2. With which water body do you associate the world's one of the best caviars?

 The Caspian Sea

 The Volga River

 The Aral Sea

 The Ob River

 3. What separates Sumatra and Malaysia?

 The Mergui Archipelago

 The Gulf of Siam

 The Java Sea

 The Malacca Straits

 4. Which is the town that gives Israel access to the Red Sea?





 5. Which countries does the Strait of Hormuz separate?

 UAE and Oman

 Oman and Iran

 Bahrain and Qatar

 Iran and UAE

 6. Which is the southernmost of the major islands in the Phillippines?





 7. Jeddah is the port of which city?





 8. In which country are the famous Angkor Wat ruins?





 9. Where is the ancient town of Samarkand?





 10. Which country in this region is the world's largest producer of tin concentrates?





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