Topic Name : Quiz 9

 1. In which country/countries are the Jura Mountains?

 Switzerland and Austria


 Italy and France

 France and Switzerland

 2. What is the "ball" the Italian toe appears ready to boot?





 3. In which country is the Kiel Canal?



 The Netherlands


 4. What is the mountainous spine of Italy called?

 The Apennines

 Auvergne Range

 Pennine Alps

 Grand Massif

 5. What is another name for the Western Isles?

 The Shetlands

 The Channel Islands

 The Hebrides

 The Irish Isles

 6. Which river partly forms the border between Germany and Poland?





 7. To whom do the Ionian Islands belong?





 8. What are the northernmost British islands?

 The Shetlands

 The Hebrides

 The Orkneys


 9. What is the capital of Belarus?





 10. Where are Piedmont and Lombardy?





 11. Where exactly is the Black Forest?

 Western Austria

 Eastern Switzerland

 South-western corner of Germany

 Along the Austria-Germany border

 12. In which country is the Rhone?





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