Topic Name : Quiz 8

 1. Where does Matterhorn lie?




 between border of Switzerland and Italy

 2. Where exactly is County Limerick?


 Southern Ireland


 Southern England

 3. Which countries does the Simplon Pass connect?

 France and Switzerland

 Austria and Switzerland

 Switzerland and Italy

 France and Italy

 4. Where is Innsbruck?





 5. Which country/countries does European Turkey border?

 Bulgaria and Romania


 Greece alone

 Bulgaria and Greece

 6. Which is a major port in the south of France?





 7. Of which country is Budapest the capital?





 8. Which capital is also known as Helsingfors?





 9. What is the Hellespont of legends now known as?

 The Bosophorus

 The Straits of Gibraltar

 The Dardanelles

 The Straits of Messina

 10. What is the highest mountain in Europe?





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