Topic Name : Quiz 7

 1. Which is the effective (administrative) capital of the Netherlands?





 2. What are the south-eastern nations of Europe called?

 The Balkan nations

 The Baltic nations

 The Mediterranean nations

 The Latin nations

 3. In which country is Flanders?



 The Netherlands


 4. Which is the northernmost major city in Sweden?





 5. On which river is Hamburg?





 6. Where exactly is Andalusia?

 Southern Spain


 Northern Italy

 Western France

 7. Near which city is Versailles?





 8. Which Belgian port is connected to the UK by a ferry service?





 9. Which are the two largest cities north of the Cheviot Hills?

 Glasgow and Edinburgh

 Edinburgh and Dundee

 Glasgow and Dundee

 Aberdeen and Glasgow

 10. Where exactly is the Isle of Man?

 Between Britain and Northern Ireland

 Between Britain and France

 North-east of Britain

 North-west of Britain

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