Topic Name : Quiz 6

 1. Which country has territory on all sides of the Aegean Sea?





 2. Which capital is on the eastern end of an island that is almost the furthest point from the country's mainland?





 3. Into which sea does the Danube flow?

 Black Sea

 Aegean Sea

 Sea of Marmara

 Adriatic Sea

 4. Which are the main Channel Islands?

 Alderney and Jersey

 Jersey and Guernsey

 Shetlands and Guernsey

 Alderney and Shetlands

 5. Which countries have stretches of the Riviera coast?

 Italy and France

 France alone

 Italy, Monaco, and France

 Monaco and Italy

 6. Which is a major port in North Italy?




 La Spezia

 7. Where exactly is Loch Ness?

 North-east Scotland

 West England

 Northern Ireland

 Between Ireland and Scotland

 8. Among the following countries, which is the southernmost country?





 9. Where is Mount Olympus?





 10. Which is the longest river in Europe?





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