Topic Name : Quiz 5

 1. Across which countries do the Alps stretch?

 France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia

 France, Switzerland, and Germany

 France and Italy

 Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia

 2. On which river is Paris?





 3. Overlooking which water body is Edinburgh?





 4. Of which country is the island of Sardinia a part?





 5. Which countries combine to form the United Kingdom?

 England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

 England, Scotland, and Wales

 England and Northern Ireland

 England, Scotland, and Britain

 6. Which is the chief town of a Baltic territory Russia claimed from the Poles after World War II? 





 7. Malta mainly comprises two islands. What is the smaller island called?





 8. What is Geneva's lake known as?

 Lake Como

 Lake Neuchatel

 Lake Leman

 Lake Constance

 9. Which are the Benelux countries?

 Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

 France, Belgium, and Netherlands

 Belgium and Luxembourg

 Belgium and Netherlands

 10. Which French province is an island?





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