Topic Name : Quiz 4

 1. Which countries does the Skagerrak separate?

 Norway and Denmark

 Denmark and Sweden

 Sweden and Finland

 Germany and Denmark

 2. In which part of the world would you find the Basque Country?

 Northern Belgium

 Southern Greece

 Southern Portugal

 Northeast Spain

 3. What geographical feature do Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have in common?

 A Baltic coast

 All face the Gulf of Finland

 All of their capitals are ports

 The Drina flows through them

 4. Which sea separates Britain from Scandinavia?





 5. What is the name of a peninsula that juts into the Black Sea? 





 6. What is the name of the area in Germany where there is the greatest concentration of heavy industry?

 The Rhine

 The Ruhr



 7. Which city is the capital of Wales?





 8. World War I, it is stated, had it beginnings in Sarajevo. In which country is Sarajevo today?



 Bosnia & Herzegovina


 9. Which British territory is part of Continental Europe?





 10. What are the crossing points at the narrowest portion of the English Channel?

 Portsmouth and Le Havre

 Weymouth and Cherbourg

 Dover and Calais

 Folkstone and Boulogne

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