Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. What feature do Romania, Bulgaria, and European Turkey have in common?

 The Carpathian Mountains

 The River Danube

 A Black Sea coast

 A Slav heritage

 2. Across which river do the Black Forest and the Vosges face each other?





 3. Which is the largest inland water body in Europe?





 4. With what country/countries does Monaco have borders?

 France and Spain

 France and Italy

 Only France

 Only Italy

 5. Which territory is the southernmost part of Europe?





 6. To which country do the Faroe Islands belong?






 7. Which sea laps the greater part of Albania's coast?

 Ionian Sea

 Aegean Sea

 Adriatic Sea

 Tyrrhenian Sea

 8. In which country/countries are the Pinsk or Pripet Marshes?

 Russia and Belarus

 Belarus and Ukraine



 9. Which is the longest river in Italy?





 10. What is Ploiesti, Romania famous for?



 Iron ore


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