Topic Name : Quiz 2

 1. What used to be the correct name of the Russian portion of the erstwhile USSR?

 The Russian Republic

 The Russian Soviet Socialist Republic

 The Soviet Russian Republic

 The Russian Federal Republic

 2. With what activity is the Dogger Bank associated?


 Oil drilling

 Undersea mining

 The Channel

 3. Where is Transylvania?





 4. Which separate entities are part of the Iberian peninsula?

 Portugal, Spain, Andorra, and Gibraltar

 Portugal, Spain, Minorca

 Portugal and Spain

 Portugal, Spain, Minorca

 5. Which countries does the Gulf of Bothnia separate?

 Sweden and Estonia

 Finland and Estonia

 Sweden and Poland

 Sweden and Finland

 6. Which country borders Lapland?

 Russia and Finland



 Norway, Sweden, and Russia

 7. What are the two major industrial cities in northern Italy?

 Milan and Turin

 Genoa and Turin

 Genoa and Trieste

 Milan and Bologna

 8. What is the British portion of Ireland colloquially called?



 Northern Ireland

 British Ireland

 9. What do Lesvos, Rhodes, Khios, and Samos have in common?

 All are Greek towns

 All are claimed by Turkey

 All are islands off Greece

 All are Aegean islands

 10. What is Eire better known as?



 Northern Ireland

 Irish Republic

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