Topic Name : Quiz 1

 1. Where exactly is Gallipoli?

 Between Crete and Rhodes

 European Turkey, overlooking the Dardanelles

 In the Dodecanese Islands

 A peninsula in eastern Greece

 2. Which is Poland's major port?





 3. Of which country is Brittany a part?





 4. What major port is on the White Sea?





 5. Where is Bonn and what is its significance?

 It is an industrial city in the Ruhr

 It is a historic city in western Germany

 It is a holiday resort in Germany

 It was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) before the two Germanys united

 6. In which mountain range in Andorra?





 7. What is Russia's northernmost major port?





 8. Which country is Serbia?





 9. What important mineral wealth do Romania and Russia have in common?


 Iron ore



 10. Of what country is Bern the capital?





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