Topic Name : Quiz 10

 1. If you holidayed in the resort town of Acapulco, in the waters of which sea would you bathe?

 Gulf of California

 Gulf of Mexico

 The Pacific Ocean

 The Caribbean Sea

 2. Which American states are separated by British Columbia?

 Alaska and Washington

 Alaska and Oregon

 Washington and Oregon

 Alaska and California

 3. Which Central American country has the longest length of coast?





 4. If travelling by road you cross into Mexico from San Diego, which Mexican border town will you have to pass through?





 5. Which towns does the only railway line in Alaska link?

 Seward and Fairbanks

 Valdez and Prudhoe Bay

 Juneau and Anchorage

 Anchorage and Valdez

 6. Which countries does the Rio Grande separate?

 Panama and Costa Rica

 Mexico and Guatemala

 Mexico and the USA

 Nicaragua and Honduras

 7. Which two Caribbean nations have very similar-sounding capitals?

 Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago

 Jamaica and St Vincent & the Grenadines

 Cuba and the Dominican Republic

 Martinique and Haiti

 8. Which is the biggest mountain range in Mexico? 





 9. Which town that takes its name after one of the Great Lakes is an important city in Pennsylvania?





 10. Reno and Las Vegas are the best known cities of this state in the USA. But what is its capital?


 Boulder City

 Carson City


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