Topic Name : Quiz 9

 1. In which Canadian Province is French most spoken?





 2. Which city in Missouri has a twin city in Kansas?

 St Joseph




 3. Which mountain range stretches almost from Alaska to Mexico?





 4. Tobago is one part of a country's name. What is the other part?





 5. In which state of USA is Los Almos?




 New Mexico

 6. What is Acadia known as today?

 Nova Scotia

 New Breton Island


 Prince Edward Island

 7. Which two water bodies are linked by the Panama Canal?

 Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean

 Yucatan Channel and the Gulf of California

 The Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Panama

 The Gulf of Panama and the Atlantic Ocean

 8. Which American states are not part of the landmass of the USA?

 Hawaii and Alaska

 Puerto Rico and Florida

 Maine and Oregon

 Washington and Alaska

 9. Which is St Paul's twin city?





 10. Off which American state is Grand Bahama Island?





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