Topic Name : Quiz 8

 1. A peninsula extending from the western-most mainland American state is part of Mexico. What is it called?

 The Yucatan



 Lower, or Baja, California

 2. Which territory in the Caribbean belonging to USA is described as a Commonwealth?





3. Cape Breton is a part of which Canadian province?

 Nova Scotia

 Prince Edward Island



 4. Which American state has the largest amount of area over 3000 m in height (over 10,000 ft)?





 5. Which Central American country has only a Pacific coastline?





 6. Which is the largest American state?





 7. What is the geographical name for the Windward and Leeward Islands?

 The Greater Antilles


 The Lesser Antilles

 The Eastern Antilles

 8. What is called the "Prairie Province of Canada"?





 9. Which American state has a part of its border running through Lake Ontario?

 New York




 10. Which is the southernmost Caribbean island?





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