Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. What is another name for Kathiawar Peninsula?





 2. Which major river forms part of the north-western boundary between Gujarat and Maharashtra?





 3. Near which town are the Marble Rocks?





 4. What is Baroda now called?





 5. Which river does the Bhima join?





 6. What is the salty marshlands of northern Gujarat called?


 Wild Ass Sanctuary

 Southern Thar

 Rann of Kachchh

 7. In which state or Union Territory are the nothernmost reaches of the Western Ghats?


 Madhya Pradesh



 8. What is Ahmedabad's most important industry?




 Engineering equipment

 9. Near which town in Gujarat are the Girnar Hills?





 10. Which other city in Maharashtra is considered a second administrative centre of the state?





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