Topic Name : Quiz 2

 1. What is Maharashtra coast called?

 Surat Coast

 Khambat Coast

 Malabar Coast

 Konkan Coast

 2. Which is considered the chief hill station of Gwalior?





 3. With what trade do you associate the town of Palanpur in Gujarat?




 Diamond trading and polishing


 4. What is Bassein now called?





 5. Which is the largest river flowing through Madhya Pradesh?





 6. What do Matheran, Lonavala, and Mahabaleshwar have in common?

 Fruit-growing centres in Maharashtra

 Pilgrim centres in Maharashtra

 Holiday resorts in coastal Maharashtra

 Hill stations in the Western Ghats, Maharashtra

 7. Which Gujarat district headquarters is the centre of the state's famed milk industry?





 8. Which island off Mumbai is a centre of cultural tourism?





 9. Near which river is Bhopal?





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