Topic Name : Quiz 5

 1. Which major town is near Orissa's biggest damsite and reservoir?






 2. With which countries does Assam have a border?

 Nepal and Bhutan

 Bhutan and Myanmar

 Bangladesh and Myanmar

 Bhutan and Bangladesh

 3. On which river is the industrial town of Durgapur?





 4. Which is the highest peak in Orissa?





 5. Which of the seven sisters remains a Union Territory?

 Arunachal Pradesh




 6. Which major suburban city lies to the west of Kolkata, just across the Hooghly?





 7. Where is the Hindu pilgrim centre of Parshuram Kund?


 Arunachal Pradesh



 8. Where does the Royal Bengal Tiger still survive?





9. What is the capital of Nagaland?





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