Topic Name : Quiz 4

 1. Which is the northernmost Buddhist pilgrim centre in Bihar?





 2. Where exactly is the Simplipal National Park?

 Northern Orissa

 Southern West Bengal

 Eastern Bihar

 Western Jharkhand

 3. What was once a major Danish settlement in West Bengal?





 4. What is called the "Mica Capital" of India?

 Dhanbad, Jharkhand

 Rourkela, Orissa

 Kodarma, Jharkhand

 Durgapur, West Bengal

 5. What is considered the most important commercial centre in Orissa?





 6. Which is West Bengal's best-known coastal holiday resort?


 Garden Reach



 7. Where is the longest bridge in India?





 8. Where exactly is New Moore Island?

 In the Brahmaputra off Guwahati

 Off the Mahanadi Delta in Orissa

 Off the mouth of the Hooghly

 Off the Sunderbans, just inside India's sea border with Bangladesh

 9. Which major industrial centre straddles the Bihar-West Bengal border?





 10. From what does the "toy train" to Darjeeling start?





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