Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. Which was once a French possession in what is now West Bengal?





 2. On which river is Patna?

 Sapt Kosi




 3. Near which coastal pilgrim centre is Konark?





 4. Which is the chief town of Assam's north-eastern tea country?





 5. Which city in Jharkhand is the centre of its mica mining activities?





 6. Which is called the "Gateway to Western Sikkim"?





 7. Where is the Keibul Lamjao National Park?

 Assam, near Tezpur

 Sikkim, near Gangtok

 Manipur, near Loktak Lake

 Arunachal Pradesh, near Tawang

 8. Where exactly is the Visva Bharti University located?





 9. What is the capital of Mizoram?





 10. On which river is Diamond Harbour in West Bengal?





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