Topic Name : Quiz 2

 1. Which is claimed by many to be the wettest place on earth?





 2. Which river in West Bengal has a major hydroelectric power and irrigation scheme associated with it?





 3. Which state/states in this region have borders with China?

 Sikkim and Assam

 Nagaland and Manipur

 Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh

 Assam and West Bengal

 4. What is the capital of Assam?





 5. By the border of which Indian state is Kanchenjunga?


 West Bengal


 Arunachal Pradesh

 6. Which Indian state in its east-west entirety does the Brahmaputra traverse?

 Arunachal Pradesh

 West Bengal



 7. Which is the hill station of Meghalaya?





 8. Which is the chief river of Orissa?





 9. Which is the main oil centre in Assam?



 Dum Dum


 10. Which is the chief town of the Chota Nagpur plateau region?





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