Topic Name : Quiz 4

 1. Which dam site is near the Stanley Reservoir?



 Grand Anaicut


 2. Which wildlife sanctuary is contiguous with Mudumalai and Wayanad?





 3. From Tirupati in the foothills towards which famed pilgrim centre in the hills do pilgrims land?





 4. When the Kaveri river drops as soon as it enters Tamil Nadu, what waterfalls does it create?





 5. A portion of which Karnataka district is almost an enclave in Andhra Pradesh?





 6. Near which capital is Ross Island, an area protected for its natural and historical wealth?


 Port Blair



 7. Which is Bangalore's "hill station"?





 8. From near which major town does the Godavari Delta begin to spread?





 9. Of which waterbody is the Vembanad Lake a part?





 10. What was Kollidam once called?

 Grand Anaicut


 Srirangam Island

 Lower Anaicut

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