Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. By which riverbank is Vijayawada?





 2. What natural feature separates Pamban Island and Mannar Island?

 Palk Strait

 Gulf of Mannar

 Adam's Bridge


 3. Which is the major tea-producing centre in the Cardamom Hills?





 4. Which is the southernmost island in Lakshadweep?





 5. Which is the mainland India's Land's End?


 Cape Comorin



 6. What are the Northern Circars?

 The north-eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh (and its districts)

 Andhra Pradesh coastal districts

 Northern Andhra Pradesh

 The Godavari and Krishna deltas

 7. Which states does the Palaghat Gap Connect?

 Kerala and Karnataka

 Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

 Kerala and Tamil Nadu

 Tamil Nadu and Telangana

 8. Where and what is Bitra Island?

 A holiday resort in Lakshadweep

 The main fishing centre in Lakshadweep

 A lighthouse island in Lakshadweep

 A bird sanctuary in Lakshadweep

 9. A bay and a strait separate India and Sri Lanka. What common name do they have?





 10. What is special about Anaimudi?

 It is the highest peak in South India

 It has a large elephant population

 It has several tea plantations

 It is a pass between Kerala and Tamil Nadu

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