Topic Name : Quiz 2

 1. Which is the fourth town in northern Karnataka which forms the important tourist circuit: Aivalli, Badami, and Bijapur?





 2. Where are the largest and deepest mines?




 Kolar Gold Fields

 3. What do Vellore and Gingee have in common?

 Major hospitals

 Rock forts

 Large, derelict forts

 Temple towns

 4. With which heavy industry is Bhadravati associated?




 Heavy Engineering

 5. Kodikkarai is on the Coromandel Coast. On which coast is Kiliakkarai?

 Malabar Coast

 Fisheries Coast

 Konkan Coast

 Northern Circars

 6. Which is the chief town of the Andhra Pradesh "rice bowl"?





 7. Which is the chief hill station in the Palani Hills?





 8. Which was once considered one of the world's most improtant diamond mining centres?





 9. Which is the major port in southern Tamil Nadu?





 10. Which bird sanctuary is near Mysore?





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