Topic Name : Quiz 7

 1. How many players are there in a rugby league team?





 2. Acoustiphobia is the fear of __________?





 3. Which shape is a rhombus?





 4. Scotch, Rye, and Bourbon are all types of which drink?





 5. Which instrument measures the speed of wind?





 6. Who wrote the novel The Silence of the Lambs?





 7. How many operas did Ludwig van Beethoven write?





 8. In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus are twin brothers, whose stories tell the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome and the Roman kingdom by Romulus. Who was their father? 

 Jupiter (Zeus)

 Neptune (Poseidon)

 Mars (Ares)

 Apollo (Apollo)

 9. On which island is Mount Etna?





 10. How many holes are there on a golf course?





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