Topic Name : Quiz 6

 1. Where exactly in the USA is the Yellowstone National Park?





 2. Which province of Canada is an island?


 British Columbia

 Prince Edward

 Nova Scotia

 3. What is the capital of the Bahamas?


 Kemp's Bay

 Matthew Town

 New Providence

 4. Which is the biggest city on Canada's west coast?





 5. Which American state is completely cut off from a substantial portion of its territory by water?



 New York


 6. Which is the biggest city (population-wise) in North America?





 7. Where exactly is Lake Winnipeg?

 Northern Saskatchewan

 Western Northwest Territories

 Southern Manitoba

 Southern Ontario

 8. Where exactly is the Great Salt Lake?

 Manitoba, Canada

 Utah, USA

 Monterrey, Mexico

 California, USA

 9. Through which province does the greater portion of the Mackenzie Highway run?



 British Columbia


 10. Of which country is Havana the capital?



 Dominican Republic

 Puerto Rico

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