Topic Name : Quiz 5

 1. Which is claimed to be the coldest place in Asia?





 2. Which is the biggest hosiery-manufacturing centre in North India?





 3. Near which scenic glacier is the Amarnath Cave?






 4. Which major railway junction and once princely capital is now a major industrial city in south-east Rajasthan?





 5. What is the base camp for Vaishnodevi shrine?





 6. From where does the "toy train" to Shimla start?






 7. What is the starting point for the trek to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand?





 8. Where are Shimla's major ski slopes?





 9. Where is the largest manmade lake in Asia?





 10. What do Landsdowne, Chakrata, and Ranikhet have in common?

 All are apple-growing centres

 All have national research institutes

 All are cantonment

 All are small hill stations in Uttarakhand

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