Topic Name : Quiz 5

 1. In which country is the city of Niagra Falls?





2. These Caribbean countries have almost similar sounding names. Which is the odd pair out?

 The Grenadines and Grenada

 Dominica and the Dominican Republic

 Barbuda and Barbados

 St Martin and Martinique

 3. To which political island grouping does Curacao belong?

 The French West Indies

 The Bahamas

 The Cayman Islands

 The Netherlands Antilles

 4. Which big city is on the shores of Lake Michigan?





 5. What is the Caribbean island of St Christopher better known as?

 St Kitts

 St Croix



 6. Where exactly is the Grand Canyon?

 Texas, USA

 Arizona, USA

 Montana, USA

 Yukon, Canada

 7. What is the largest province in Canada?

 The Northwest Territories

 British Columbia



 8. In which group of islands is Montserrat?

 Windward Islands

 Trinidad and Tobago

 Leeward Islands

 The Bahamas

 9. One of the Great Lakes is wholly in the USA. Which one?





 10. What is the capital of Canada?




 St John's

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