Topic Name : Quiz 4

 1. Which is the largest French-speaking city in North America?



 Trois Riviere

 Sept Iles

 2. Which Caribbean group of islands are shared by the USA and the UK?





 3. Newfoundland and this part of mainland Canada are a single province. What is the name of this territory?





 4. What and where is Charlotte Amalie?

 The capital of the French territory of Guadeloupe

 A mountain on the French island of Martinique

 The capital of the US Virgin Islands located on St Thomas Island

 A beach resort in Haiti

 5. Into what does the Mississippi empty?

 The Caribbean Sea

 The Gulf of Mexico

 The Atlantic Ocean

 Galveston Bay

 6. What are the major islands of the Greater Antilles?

 Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica

 Cuba and the Bahamas

 Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico

 Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica

 7. Which inland Texas city is an important port?





 8. Which great water body substantially reduces northern Canada's landmass?





 9. Which is the smallest state in USA?





 10. How many countries are there is the narrow neck between Mexico and the first country that's wholly in South America?





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