Topic Name : Quiz 3

 1. Which is the highest mountain range in the eastern United States?





 2. Which is the biggest Canadian island?





 3. To which does the Gulf of California belong?

 The USA

 The USA and Mexico

 Mexico and Guatemala


 4. On which river is the city of New York?





 5. Which landmark is considered the line of separation between the North and South American continents?





 6. Which Canadian province is separated from the USA mainly by the Great Lakes?





 7. Where exactly is the Mojave Desert?

 Yucatan, Mexico

 New Mexico, USA

 Northwestern Mexico

 California, USA

 8. Which is the highest mountain in North America?





 9. The Gulf of Mexico is entered through two straits. What are they?

 Yucatan Channel and Florida Strait

 Windward Passage and Mona Passage

 North-west and North-east Providence Channels

 Florida Strait and Cabot Strait

 10. Which US state reflects its strong French beginnings in the names of many of its important cities?





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