Topic Name : Quiz 2

 1. Which is Canada's westermost province?





 2. What is the Yucatan?

 A peninsular state in Mexico

 A mountainous region in Mexico

 A Guatemalan enclave in Mexico

 A part of the USA bordering Mexico

 3. What separates the USA and Russia?





 4. What is the last remaining fragment of French-owned land in North America?





 5. The Mississippi is joined by another big river and both are often called by a joint name. What is this name?





 6. Which is the biggest French territory in the Carribbean?





 7. Which is the highest volcano in North America?





 8. Which is the largest lake entirely in Canada?





 9. Which countries in the Caribbean share the island of Hispaniola?

 Cuba and Haiti

 Cuba and Jamaica

 The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

 Haiti and The Dominican Republic

 10. Which Canadian town was the boom town of the Gold Rush?


 Dawson Creek



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