Topic Name : Quiz 1

 1. What mountain range overlooks Jaipur?





 2. What is the last Indian railway station before crossing into Pakistan on the Amritsar-Lahore line?





 3. On what river is Lucknow?





 4. Where are large deposits of salt to be found in Rajasthan?





 5. What is the chief town of the Kumaon?





 6. Which river forms part of the boundary between Rajasthan and Madhyapradesh?





 7. At what major junction in U.P. do trains from Agra, Bhopal, and Kanpur meet?





 8. Aksai Chin is a disputed border area between India and China. Where exactly is it?

 Near Leh

 The north-east corner of Jammu & Kashmir

 Along the Zaskar mountains

 South of the Siachen Glacier

 9. Does the Son river flow through Uttar Pradesh? If so, through which part of the state?


 Yes, along the Nepal border

 No, it flows only through Bihar

 Yes, the south-east corner

 No, it flows only through Madhya Pradesh

 10. What is Jammu & Kashmir's best-known wildlife sanctuary?



 Nanga Parbat


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