Topic Name : Quiz 1

 1. In which state in the USA would you find Rome and Athens?





 2. Where are the Everglades in the USA?





 3. To which country does Greenland belong?





 4. Where is Death Valley in the USA?





 5. Which cities mark the two ends of the Panama Canal?

 Santiago and Panama City

 Colon and Santiago

 Chitre and La Chorrera

 Colon and Panama City

 6. Where is the westernmost American territory in North America?





 7. In which state is Washington, the American capital?

 Washington State

 New York State

 Federal District of Columbia

 Maryland State

 8. Which is the capital of Florida?





 9. Where exactly is the Isthumus of Tehuantepec?

 Southern Panama

 Southern Mexico

 Southern Guatemala

 Southern Cost Rica

 10. What is Cape Kennedy now known as?

 Cape St George

 Cape Sable

 Cape Canaveral

 Cape Romano

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