Topic Name : General Science - Quiz 5

 1. What is the biological polymer in paper?





 2. Which Vitamin is also known as retinol?

 Vitamin A

 Vitamin B

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin D

 3. Which element is excreted through human sweat?





 4. Accumulation of which chemical leads to kidney stones?

 Calcium sulphate

 Calcium oxalate

 Calcium carbonate

 Calcium hydroxide

 5. Which type of glass is highly resistant to heat?

 Borosilicate glass

 Soda-lime glass

 Optical glass

 Pyrex glass

 6. Which process is ued to kill disease-producing microorganism in food items?


 Cooling at sub-zero temperatures



 7. Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by:





 8. What is the name of the instrument that measures wind speed?





 9. For what is the Jurassic Period named?

 A wild life park in the USA

 The name of the first dinosaur discovered

 A movie by Steven Spielberg

 A mountain range in Switzerland

 10. How many facial muscles are involved in speaking?





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