Topic Name : General Science - Quiz 4

 1. What is sodium chloride (NaCl)?





 2. What is table sugar?





 3. What is the element present on lead pencils?



 Carbon (graphite)


 4. Which gas is found in soda water?

 Carbon dioxide


 Nitrous oxide

 Hydrogen chloride

 5. What is the solvent of gold?



 Sulphuric Acid

 Agua Regia

 6. Name the chemical used to make toothpastes white?


 Titanium dioxide

 Sodium bicarbonate


 7. Chile Saltpetre or Chile Saltpeter is used for making fertilizers and explosives. Which chemical is called Chile Saltpeter?

 Potassium Nitrate

 Sodium Nitrate

 Ammonium Nitrate


 8. What is the chemical name of Chinese salt?

 Glycine salt


 Monosodium glutamate

 Inosinic acid salt

 9. Which is the purest form of carbon?





 10. Which is the simplest sugar?





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