Topic Name : General Science - Quiz 2

 1. How many pairs of chromosomes are there in humans?






 2. The term 'gene' for the factor controlling heridity was coined by:





 3. Who proposed the 'one gene one enzyme' hypothesis suggesting that one gene controls the synthesis of one enzyme?

 James Watson

 Joshua Lederberg

 George Church

 Beadle and Tatum

 4. Chocolate can be bad for health because of a high content of:






 5. The Montreal Protocol is related to:


 Combating climate change

 Sustainable development

 Ozone depletion

 Setting internationally binding emission reduction targets

 6. The nearest planet to the Sun is:





 7. The biggest planet of the solar system is:





 8. The brightest planet in the solar system is:





 9. What is the smallest continent of earth?





 10. Which is the most abundant gas in the earth's atmosphere?




 Carbon dioxide

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