Topic Name : General Science - Quiz 1

 1. What is the most important stimulant in tea leaves?






 2. Tupentine oil is used as medicine against joint pain, toothache, and muscle pain. What is the source of turpentine?







 3. Which plant hormone controls fruit ripening?





 Abscisic acid

 4. Which is the largest living bird?





 5. Body cells infected with virus produce a protein called?


 B Cells



 6. What is the naturally occurring anti-coagulant in the human blood?





 7. Common salt is obtained from sea water by the process of:



 Chemical synthesis

 Underground mining

 Creating salt brines


 8. Washing soda is:


 Sodium hydroxide

 Sodium bicarbonate

 Hydrated sodium carbonate

 Sodium chloride

 9. Chemically baking soda is:


 Sodium carbonate

 Sodium bicarbonate

 Hydrated sodium carbonate

 Sodium glutamate

 10. Lime water contains:


 Sodium hydroxide

 Calcium hydroxide

 Sodium carbonate

 Calcium carbonate

 11. Which process can convert your cooking oil into vegetable ghee?






 12. Kohinoor is the most famous diamond in the world. Like other diamonds, it is chemically:



 Pure carbon

 Pure silicon

 Pure zinc

 Pure calcium

 13. Commerical cork is obtained from the bark of:






 14. A plant bearing both male and female flowers is called?





 Perfect flowers

 15. For how much time can bacteria remain alive at sub-zero temperatures?

 10 years

 100 years

 1000 years

 More than 1000 years

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