Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 10

 1. When is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year?



 July 23

 June 21

 May 20

 April 13

 2. Where is the Torrid Zone?

 On either side of the Tropics

 Between the Arctic and Antarctic Circles

 On either side of the Equator, up to the Tropics

 Along the Equator

 3. What are permeable rocks?


 They soak up water.

 They are oil-bearing rocks.

 They are porous rocks.

 They allow water to pass through them easily.

4. Which ocean surrounds Antarctica?

 Indian Ocean

 Southern Ocean

 Pacific Ocean

 Atlantic Ocean

 5. When is the Vernal Equinox, which occurs on the day when earth's axis does not tilt toward or away from the sun, with nearly equal hours of night and day (12 hours) globally?


 December 25

 March 21

 February 28

 January 14

 6. What are those unique "pillar" formations found in limestone caves?



 Pillar rocks

 Stalactites (from the roof) and Stalagmites (rising from the floor)

 Stratified rocks

 7. What is another name for a Highland climate?


 A Himalayan climate

 A Scottish climate

 A Hill climate

 An Alpine climate

 8. What common feature do Intermontane, Piedmont, and Continental describe?

 Types of plateaus

 Types of soils

 Types of rocks

 Types of weather

 9. What happens during the equinoxes?

 The countries along the Equator are in darkness.

 The countries along the Equator are at their hottest.

 The countries along the Equator are at their wettest.

 The sun shines vertically over the Equator.

 10. Identify the Chernozem soils of great fertility, as in the Steppes.





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