Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 8

 1. What is stock farming?

 Plantation activity

 Farming for the family


 Raising cash crops

 2. How are heights of land expressed?

 In miles

 In inches

 In kilometers

 In feet or meters above the sea level

 3. Which is the most densely populated continent?





 North America


 4. Which is the busiest ocean of the world in normal times?





 5. What is the Earth's satellite?





 6. What is the hottest place on earth?






 7. Which expedition was the first to sale round the world and conclusively prove that the Earth is round?





 8. Outside Antarctica, which is the deepest part of the earth?





 9. How many times does the Earth move round the Sun in a year?

 1.1 times


 1.25 times


 10. What do Russia, China, Brazil, India, and the USA have in common?

 All are democracies.

 All have heavy rainfall.

 They are the five most populous countries.

 All have capitals beginning with the letter 'B'.

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