Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 6

 1. If the water surrounding the land we live on is called hydrosphere, what is the rocky crust of the earth on which we live called?





 2. What do contours on map indicate?


 The temperature in different areas

 Heights of land above the sea level

 The vegetation in different areas

 The different kinds of soil

 3. Where would you find the Trade Winds?


 Between the Tropics and blowing towards the Equator

 In the Atlantic Ocean

 By the Cape of Good Hope

 Blowing across Europe

 4. The surface of the earth is about 500 million sq. km. About how much of this is water?






 5. What is the latitude of the Arctic Circle?


 80 degrees North

 66.5 degrees South

 80 degrees South

 66.5 degrees North

 6. What is the upper part of the atmosphere called?





 7. What does the scale 1:1,000,000 represent in linear measure?

 1 cm = 10 km

 1 m = 1 mile

 1" = 6 and a half miles

 1 cm = 1 km

 8. Which part of the earth is the South Temperate Zone?


 Between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn

 Between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle

 Between the Equator and the Atlantic Circle

 Between the two Tropics

 8. What have Humboldt, Benguela, and Kuro Siwo have in common?

 All are ocean currents.

 All are African cities.

 All are great explorers.

 All are mountain peaks.

 10. In which part of the world would you find cyclones?

 In the China Seas

 In the Carribbean

 In the Indian Ocean and its littoral

 By the Cape of Good Hope

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