Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 5

 1. How did the Atlantic get its name?


 From Atlanta in the USA

 From the lost continent Atlantis

 From the word "atlas"

 From the Atlas Mountains in North Africa

 2. These "rivers of ice" are always slowly on the move. What is their correct name?


 Ice packs




 3. Which continent doesn't have a permanent population?

 South America




 4. What is the approximate African equivalent of the prairie?






 5. Which image shows laterite soil?





 6. How many principal planets are there in the Solar System?





 7. The approximate temperature of the sun is estimated to be:


 5000 degrees Fahrenheit

 6000 degrees Fahrenheit

 7000 degrees Fahrenheit

 212 degrees Fahrenheit

 8. What is another name for the "Cold Deserts" of the world?






 9. How are alluvial plains formed?


 By rivers depositing their sand and silt on the land during floods

 By the snow melting and moistening the soil

 By heavy rains making the soil marshy

 By winds depositing a fine sand on the plains

 10. What is the time difference for every degree of longitude?

 8 minutes

 10 minutes

 4 minutes

 12 minutes

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