Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 4

 1. What is a water-surrounded bit of land called?


 An island

 A peninsula

 A cape

 A spit

 2. The earth is not a true sphere. Then what is it?


 It is elliptical.

 It is oval.

 It is slightly flattened at the Poles and bulges slightly at the Equator.

 It is flat at the top and bottom.

 3. What is a prairie?


 A scrub forest in North America

 A North American farmland

 A kind of American vegetation

 A large, flat grassland in North America

 4. What is the science of making maps called?






 5. When a high area of land drops steeply, especially into the sea, what is the land formation that results called?






 6. What is the approximate Russian equivalent of the prairie?


 Siberian Plain




 7. Excluding Australia, generally treated as a continent, which is the largest island in the world?





 8. In what units is rainfall usually measured in India?

 Cubic centimeters




 9. What is the Gulf Stream?


 A river in North America

 A wind in the Carribean

 A warm sea current from the Gulf of Mexico

 The entrance to a gulf in North America

 10. What is the largest gorge in the world?






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