Topic Name : General Geography - Quiz 3

 1. What is the geographical term for "land's end", that tip of land which projects into the sea?


 A headland

 A spit

 A peninsula

 A cape

 2. Outside the Mediterranean region, where else is a Mediterranean climate found?


 The Japanese and Chinese coasts

 The southern coast of Australia and parts of the western coast of North and South America

 The east coast of North America

 The North Atlantic coast of Africa

 3. What is a more precise geographical name for a tableland?


 A hill

 A headland

 A plateau

 A mountain

 4. Which continent has the largest area of Equatorial Rain Forest?



 South America



 5. Where is the greatest ocean depth found?





 6. What are those smaller rivers that flow into a large, main river called?







 7. In which part of the world would you find the Veld?




 Central Europe

 South Africa

 8. What do Mauna Loa, Krakatoa and Stromboli have in common?


 All are volcanoes.

 All are mountains.

 All are in Italy.

 All are islands.

 9. What is the difference between a lake and a tank?



 A lake is small, and a tank is big.

 A lake has flowing water, and a tank has still water.

 A lake is a geographical feature, a tank is not.

 Both are land-enclosed water bodies, but a tank is man-made.

 10. How many degrees north and south are the Tropics?

 47 degrees

 23.5 degrees

 12 degrees

 30 degrees

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